Prep Academy FAQ

Prep Academy

How can I track my progress for the Posh Academy?

To accurately track your Prep Academy progress, log in to academy.po.sh > My Account > Course Status to view your completed courses.

You can also view the Prep Home page at academy.po.sh/course/401/prep-academy. Days that are grey or yellow are incomplete courses. Days that are blue are completed courses, and you can view your completed date by looking to the right of the training day number.

This will show you all the incomplete and completed videos for your 15, 30, 60, and 90 Day Academy.

Prop FAQs

Is there a difference between Props and the Prep Academy?


Props is an incentive program designed to get your business growing, right from the start.

30 Day Props is awarded when you achieve 500 PV.
You will receive 3,000 Perks Points along with a certificate & pin.
60 Day Props is awarded when you reach 1000 PV and 1 Recruit.
You will receive 6,000 Perks Points, 1000 personalized labels and a certificate & pin.
90 Day Props is awarded by reaching 1500 PV and 3 Recruits.
You will receive 9,000 Perks Points, 500 business cards, and 1 car vinyl. Your certificate & pin will be mailed to you.

Props can be completed early if you obtain your PV and Recruit requirements. As a Consultant, you are able to work ahead, and faster, if you’d prefer. Your certificate & pin will be mailed within 2 days of completion. Your Perks Credit will also be available within 2 days.

The Prep Academy is located at academy.po.sh/course/401/prep-academy.

The 15 Day Prep Academy consists of 15 videos that need to be watched with the questions answered and submitted. After the 15 day course has been completed along with 200 Personal Volume Sales, you will receive a FREE Prep Academy tote.

The 30 Day Prep Academy Bonus will be received when you have completed another 15 videos and questions (on top of days 1-15) and 500 PV. Once these are completed, you will receive 3,000 MORE Perks in addition to your 30 Day Props.

The 60 Day Prep Academy Bonus will be received when you have completed Days 35-60 in your Prep Academy, along with 1,000 PV and 1 personal recruit. Once these are completed, you will receive 6,000 MORE Perks in addition to your 60 Day Props.

The 90 Day Prep Academy Bonus will be received when you have completed Days 65-90 in your Prep Academy, along with 1,500 PV and 3 personal recruits. Once these are completed, you will receive 9,000 MORE Perks in addition to your 90 Day Props.

To earn your Props and Prep Academy bonuses, your training, PV, and recruiting goals must ALL be met by your 15th, 30th, 60th, and 90th days.


Can we ship to areas outside of the USA or sell Posh in other countries?

At this time, Posh only ships within the 50 United States & is only allowed and approved to be sold in the United States.

Due to other countries’ labeling laws, Perfectly Posh is not licensed to sell outside of the United States. Failure to abide by this rule may result in termination as a Consultant from the company.

This includes military bases overseas, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

What are the details of Commission Payments? When am I paid? Will I be sent a check?

You will be paid commissions from Personal Volume sales each Wednesday following orders submitted by Saturday. Consultants ranked Pink or above receive 25% commission on their orders. Protégés are paid 20%.

Regular bonuses, including outstanding personal commissions and downline bonuses for the month, will be paid around the 10th of the following month.

You will receive your Commissions via your Posh Pay account through ProPay, where you will receive a Prepaid Posh Pay Debit Card that is associated with your account. We do not send out paper checks or cash cards.

Find out more about how you get paid at perfectlyposh.com/poshpay

When will my tax forms be sent? Will I receive a 1099? Is there a monetary threshold?

Tax forms must be postmarked by January 31. They will sent out by that date.

If you earn $600 or more in non-employee compensation, prizes, and incentives or your resale $5,000 or more in product in a given tax year, Perfectly Posh will supply you with a 1099-Misc IRS Form showing the amount.

I used to get the corporate emails, but now I’m not. How do I start getting them again?

If you have an older corporate email, use the Update Email link at the bottom of any of our emails and your address should be added back to the official Posh subscription list.

If you have previously unsubscribed from our mailing list, use that Corporate email and hit “Subscribe” which will add you to the mailing list.

If you still do not receive the Corporate emails after completing this process, please send in a Support Request.

I never got an email about Posh Points. How do I find my account information?

Posh Points are deposited once a month at the time commissions are processed (around the 10th). If you have not received your initial email, please send in a Support Request to the Awards & Recognition department for your account number.

Please contact Awards HQ for any further assistance with account information. 1-877-AWARDHQ (1-877-292-7347) from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.

My customer doesn’t like what they ordered. How do I exchange or return it?

Posh offers exchanges or returns on items within 30 days of purchase that are unused and unopened. Products must be returned in their original and unopened packaging and the packaging must not be altered, damaged, or marked upon in any way. In any other case, the consultant must work with their customer for exchanges or returns.

When and how are new products released from Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh releases new catalogs twice each year. These catalog and product announcements are made at our February Premiercon Event, and then again at our late-July/early-August Premiercon.

At this time, products may be discontinued, added, adjusted, etc. In addition, Perfectly Posh also releases seasonal offerings that are not included in the semi-annual catalog. These items are announced in your Virtual Office and on the Posh Box. They are available in limited quantities.

Are there additional merchant or credit card processing fees at Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh pays all credit card processing and merchant fees for you. There are no additional charges to a Consultant for accepting credit cards. Perfectly Posh accepts all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

What are minimum sales requirements?

At Perfectly Posh, you are required to sell a total of $300 in each six month period: January 1 - June 30 and July 1 - December 31. This qualification does not apply during the period in which you join Posh.

For example: if you joined Posh in May, you joined in the January-June period, so you are exempt from the $300 sales requirement until the next 6 month period. This starts in July. You will be required to sell $300+ by December 31st in order to remain an active Consultant.

Where are Perfectly Posh Products made?

Our pampering products are made from the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer from all over the world. Then we bring them to the USA, to create an American brand.

We formulate, design, manufacture, and package our products here in the USA - from California to Vermont. When you participate in Perfectly Posh, you're helping create and sustain jobs here at home for our friends and neighbors.

Virtual Office

How do I personalize my replicated website?

To choose your replicated website name (which doubles as a personal referral link to receive referral Perks), log into your Virtual Office > Profile > Edit Profile > Website information > Website name. You can personalize your profile by adding any additional information about yourself in the ‘personalized text’ box. Save any changes you make by hitting ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

See PDF on what your screen should look like here

I was given Perks Points. Where is it on my account?

You can track your Perks balance, view specials, access your events, in your Perks Rewards Dashboard at perfectlyposh.com/p/vo/points.

For more information regarding the Perks Rewards Program, view our Perks FAQs towards the bottom of the page at perfectlyposh.com/p/perks.

Order Shipments

I’m excited to start with Posh! How can I track my Starter Kit?

When you visit your Virtual Office, go to "Order History", you will be able to view your Starter Kit order which shoud be updated with the tracking information. If not, please submit a Support Request where we can help you track your order.

How is Perfectly Posh shipped? and how long will it take for my orders to arrive?

Perfectly Posh ships from multiple Posh warehouses located throughout the United States. We ship all orders as soon as possible, however, orders can take up to 10 business days to ship out of our warehouse. From our warehouses, it can take up to 5 business days to receive the product depending on where the shipment is being delivered. Products may arrive via UPS or USPS. They can be tracked in your Virtual Office under your Order History.

How can I track my orders? Are Product and Portal orders handled differently?

For Product Orders

Once your product order ships, a UPS tracking link will be imported into your Virtual Office for the order. Log into your Virtual Office > Order History > click on the link of the order number > Use the Track My UPS Package link.

For Portal Orders

Portal Orders can also be tracked in your Virtual Office > Order History > click on the link of the order number. Be aware that personalized orders can take 7-10 days longer than non-personalized orders. If your order does not update to ‘shipped’ within 5 days, please call the Home Office to track your order.

The Box

What is The Box, and how do I log into it?

The Box is located at the following URL: http://po.sh/box

This is the site where you can access many great things to help you in your business including:

  • Submitting a Support Request
  • See current promotions and find lots of ads and images to help you promote it in your business
  • FREE Resources that you can download and print including things like Use & Instruction Cards, a Hostess Handbook for your parties, and imaged of products
  • FREE Training every Tuesday from your amazing and talented Premiers at Perfectly Posh. Each Tuesday features a new topic from a new leader, and you can see our six month archive trainings as well.

Some older versions of Internet Explorer struggle and might not be compatible with The Box or on all devices. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

When you log in to the Box, you will be prompted to log in through perfectlyposh.com using your username and password that was created for your Virtual Office.


What is the deadline for orders to be placed in time to be received for holidays?

Christmas is generally the only time we will provide a specific order cut off time in order for items to be received by the holiday. All other holidays will need to be calculated with enough time for processing and shipping by the Consultant/Customer.

Make sure to give yourself enough time for the order to be processed and shipped from our warehouse (which can take 7-10 business days). Holidays and End of the Month sales can contribute to significantly higher volume of orders, so give yourself and your Customers 2-3 weeks for their order to be delivered.