What You Can Earn - Silver Academy


The Silver Academy Bonus

The Silver Academy is designed with a 10-week timeline that begins the day your enrollment is accepted by the program manager. Complete the Silver Academy training in the designated 10 weeks and earn your commemorative T-Shirt, Pin, and diploma!

The Silver Academy will continue to expand on your basic, foundational business knowledge you learned in Leadership Academy, and continue to give you additional training and resources for FREE. You will work through short training videos and answer some simple questions at the end.

To earn your Silver Academy Bonus, your trainings, homework quiz questions and 1:1 coaching calls must ALL be met by the end of your 10 week session time frame.

NOTE: Your graduation packet will be processed to your account upon completion of the course. Your pin, certificate, and T-shirt are MAILED to the address on file in your Virtual Office. Please allow at least 3 weeks after earning your bonus to receive your graduation packet via USPS mail.