Prep Academy Program Details

The Prep Academy is the place to be to jump start your new business. This simple 8-week training program is offered to all new Perfectly Posh consultants and designed to help you build a solid foundation for your business in about 10 minutes a day. Consultants join the Prep Academy when they enroll as a consultant. Their start date to begin reviewing the content and completing the Quickstart Rewards is their join date.

We look forward to providing you with simple and fun training that will enable you to quickly learn all the basics of building a Perfectly Posh business. These lessons will support your Quickstart goals, where you can complete certain sales and recruiting goals within your first 15, 30, and 60-day marks, and receive BIG rewards. (See the Polka-Dotted Guide in your starter kits for details.)

Prep Academy Bonus
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Action Academy Program Details

The Action Academy is a 90-day program that will follow the Prep Academy. It has been specifically designed to offer support and training tools for Consultants ready to continue growing their business. Consultants can access this Academy if they have both completed their initial 90 days and have a title of Pink or higher.

Consultants with a title of Pink, Pink+1 or Pink+2 on their Action Academy start date are eligible to earn bonuses. Consultants with a title higher than Pink+2 can view all content in this Academy, but are not eligible to earn bonuses. To earn Perks, your online lessons, sales and recruiting goals must all be met by your 15th, 30th, 60th and 90th day in this Academy.

The Action Academy will empower you with strategies and best practices to continue developing your business. You will also learn ways to balance your personal business and your team. This Academy is structured to be completed within a 90-day timeline that will begin when you click “start.” Complete the program in the designated 15, 30, 60, and 90-day increments, and you will earn Perks each step of the way. Completion of the Action Academy will be a pre-requisite for enrollment in the Leadership Academy and any future Academy programs.

Perfectly Posh is committed to your continued success. We believe ongoing training and education are crucial to personal development and growth. The Action Academy is just one part of the larger Perfectly Posh Academy training program that will continue to support and challenge you along the way as you grow your Perfectly Posh business.

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