What is the Silver Academy?

Hello my name is Brian Burdick and I am the Program Manager for Silver Academy! Congratulations on your rank advancement to Silver Premier and the completion of the Leadership Academy. You are on your way to even more success with your Perfectly Posh business. Our goal in the Silver Academy is to help you hone your leadership skills, help you increase your understanding of how to run your team, and maximize your earning potential by jumping into the pay plan.

In order to get credit for the Silver Academy you must complete 6 weeks of the online learning modules and then the four 1:1 BDA calls. Weekly videos, homework, and 1:1 calls are essential elements of this course, and completion is a prerequisite for enrollment in future Academies.

The Prep Academy, Action Academy, Leadership Academy, and the Silver Academy all offer vital education that will help you build your Perfectly Posh business for the future.  Thank you for being on this Posh journey with us and I look forward to working with you in the Silver Academy.